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Natural Individual Lashes the Professionals Love

Individual lashes are your secret sauce when you need a little more oomph than mascara but still want natural eyelashes. For extra fullness or a little flair to the outer corners of your eyes, individual lashes are your go-to beauty item. Here are the best individual lashes on the market right now.

Knot-Free Individual Lashes

Huda Beauty logo

The brain child of Dubai-based blogger and beauty guru Huda Kattan, her range of false eyelashes at Huda Beauty have an avid following and are loved by the Kardashians’ makeup artists.

Huda Beauty’s individual eyelashes are called Alyssa #2. Lightweight and made from natural fibers, if you want to achieve a natural look these are perfect.

Alyssa #2 come in four lengths to mimic the natural gradation of eyelashes. The hair lengths range from 0.5 cm to 1.5 cm.

You should place the shorter ones in the inner corners of your eyes, and increase the size as you move to the outer corners.

Ardell logo

Ardell false eyelashes are super economical, routinely wins awards, and is a makeup artist favorite.

Lisa Aldridge recommends them, and Jenna Anton, markup artist for Alessandra Ambrosio and Bella Hadid is also a fan.

Ardell Duralash Naturals Individual Lashes can be used to fill gaps and exaggerate the lengths and volume of your natural lashes. They can also be layered over strip lashes to create a dramatic look.

Apply knot-free individual lashes to the top of the lash rather than the eyelid.

Ardell’s Wispies Clusters are feathered individual knotted lashes. If you are in a rush these are great for quick applications.

Tarte logo

Made with a synthetic fiber blend, these individual lashes are all 0.75cm in length. They have a knot-free tip so they sit on the top of your eyelashes.

Because these individual lashes are knot-free short flares you can expect to achieve a natural look.

A knot-free flare is virtually undetectable when applied so these are great if you want to achieve fuller-looking lashes or you want to fill in gaps.  

Eylure Cosmetics London logo

Eylure is a British brand that has been making false eyelashes since the 1940’s. Their very first false eyelashes were made of fur and became known as Mink lashes.

Back in the day Twiggy and Dusty Springfield wore Eylure’s lashes, and now Victoria Beckham is rumored to be a fan.

Eylure’s Vegas Nay lash pieces were created by beauty guru and YouTube blogger Vegas Nay in collaboration with Eylure.

They come in three lengths and each pack contains applicator glue and are designed for long-lasting wear.

Made with 100% natural hair, they are lightweight, knot-free and will easily take you from natural to glamour.

Natasha Denona Makeup logo

Natasha Denona is an internationally renowned makeup artist who has created a makeup line designed to mimic the appearance of freshly moisturized glowing skin.

She also has a range of false eyelashes, available at Sephora. The individual lashes are knot-free flares that come in mini, short and medium lengths to help you achieve a natural everyday look.

Bodermincer individual mink false eyelashes in bulk
Bodermincer logo

Available on Amazon, these false Mink individual lashes are a seriously good bulk buy. They come in a pack of 120 pieces, and you can choose between nine different sizes, ranging from 0.8cm to 1.6cm.

With just 3 hairs per lash extension, they are best if you want to enhance the length of your lashes and add extra fullness. These are made from synthetic fiber.

Knotted Individual Lashes

House of Lashes logo

Southern Californian beauty company House of Lashes creates high quality, cruelty-free false eyelashes.

The company’s Le Petit individual lashes are made in Indonesia using 100% sterilized, premium human hairs.

You can be guaranteed multiple uses because these eyelashes are known for being durable and affordable.

House of Lashes are great for playing up your natural lashes without going overboard. The individual lashes are all knotted so they’ll give you a better hold than knot-free lashes.

The single lashes come in four lengths, ranging from 0.8cm to 1.4cm. The double lashes come in three lengths: 1.0cm, 1.2cm and 1.5cm. And the triple lashes come in three lengths: 1.1cm, 1.3cm and 1.5cm.

Kiss Trio Individual lashes in various lengths
Kiss Bring the Salon Home logo

Bruce Grayson, head makeup artist at the Oscars, loves the Kiss range of both individual lashes and strips.

With lots of extra-short and short lashes in the pack, you can achieve natural looking lashes for a very affordable price.

The beauty of these 3-knot lashes is that they are bigger than individual lashes, so you don’t need to be so precise in their application, perfect if you’re in a hurry.

MAC knotted individual lashes
MAC logo

These knotted individual lashes from MAC comes in three lengths, making up a total of 54 lashes in each pack.

From reviews you should expect to wear MAC Lashes between 20-30 times before they need to be thrown out, if you take good care of them.

To achieve a natural look individual lashes are the way to go compared to strip lashes. You can enjoy the versatility of creating an everyday look through to layering up for night time glamour. 

If you are new to false eyelashes, knotted lashes are a good place to start as they are easier to apply because they have more surface area for the glue.

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Natural Individual Lashes the Professionals Love

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