Invisible Lip Liner Products that Users Swear By

Invisible lip liner applied to lip

Invisible lip liner should be your entire lipstick collection’s partner in crime! And if you’re wary of creating harsh lip lines but still want to prevent your lipstick from feathering and bleeding then this is for you.

Invisible lip liner will also save you a tonne of money, especially if you use a variety of lipstick colors on the daily. If you go down the invisible route, you don’t need a different lip liner to pair with every lipstick color in your toolbox. Just one clear lip liner will help you achieve day-long precision lips no matter what your lipstick color choice is. 

Read on to discover the best universal lip liners on the market, rated by users.


Marc Jacobs Beauty logo


Sephora (800 reviews):

Marc Jacobs Beauty makes a much-loved longwear lip liner in nine colors which also includes an invisible pencil. It is a super creamy product and comes in a matte finish.

This pencil is gel-based so users rave about how ultra-smooth it glides on the lips.

Perhaps best of all, this pencil is formulated with collagen which will help fill in your tiny little lip lines and prevent bleeding. Unlike some of the other pencils in this list, Marc Jacobs’ clear lip liner is super versatile in that it can be applied across the whole lips or just around the edges.

Invisible lip liner by Marc Jacobs Beauty


Urban Decay logo


Sephora (1,000 reviews):

Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil is another creamy liner that included an abundance of moisturizing ingredients like Vitamin E, Jojoba oil, and Cottonseed oil.

Ozone is the clear color that you need.

Urban Decay also makes the Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil in a thick barrel pencil (below right). You get more bang for your buck with this much thicker pencil and it is truly multi-purpose.

Use it as a full primer base for your lips, hide blemishes and even fix makeup mistakes.


Make Up For Ever logo


Sephora (250 reviews):

Make Up For Ever’s colorless lip liner should be applied directly outside the natural lip line to  form an invisible barrier which prevents lip color from feathering. 

Users say this product has a slightly tacky feel so it’s not one for applying over your whole lips like some of the other pencils in this list. 

Users confirm that lipstick stays in place very effectively with the help of this colorless liner.


Mirabella logo


Amazon (4 reviews):
Mirabella (6 reviews):

This lesser known clear lip definer pencil reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the lips and seals lipstick in place.

A stand-out of this product is its ultra-conditioning factor. The majority of reviewers rave about its moisturizing effects. So if you’re prone to very dry lips then this invisible lip liner may be more suited to you than some of the others which may be more prone to drying out the lips. 

Another multi-use product, one user applies this product to set her eyebrows in place!

Invisible lip liner clear lip definer pencil by Mirabella


Sephora logo


Sephora (300 reviews):

Sephora’s own Universal Lip Liner is waterproof and long-lasting. Hyaluronic acid is the secret ingredient of this product which smoothes the skin and fine lines around the outside of the lip line. 

Apply this product first to the outside of the lips before adding your favorite lip color. 

Use your regular pencil sharpener to keep this pencil ready for a tip-top precision application.


Lipstick Queen logo


Ulta Beauty (66 reviews):

Enriched with Vitamin E for extra moisturization, this product is another one designed to only be applied outside the lip line.

This liner does not leave a waxy ring around the lip like Make Up For Ever’s pencil is reported to. Use it over foundation and below your lip color.

Lipstick Queen’s invisible lip liner is self-sharpening which is always handy.

Invisible lip liner clear by Lipstick Queen


Smashbox logo


Smashbox (9 reviews):
Amazon (36 reviews):

Another self-sharpening number, this pencil ensures a never-ending precise tip so you can apply the clear formula to the outside of the lips for long-lasting and non-feathering lipstick. 

Some users report that this product doesn’t last as long as they may have expected.

Invisible Clear Lip Liner by Smashbox Always Sharp


Dr. Hauschka logo


Amazon (2 reviews):
Dr. Hauschka (3 reviews):

The best thing about Dr. Hauschka is the natural ingredients used in all its products. The formulation of their translucent lip line definer includes nourishing botanical ingredients like Witch Hazel, Shea butter, and Rose wax. You can be certain of ultra moisturized lips with this product.

Apply to the skin in a wide line outside the lip contour.

Invisible clear lip liner by Dr Hauschka
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8 best invisible lip liner products that users love. Invisible or clear lip liner goes with any lipstick color, improves the long-wearing effect of lipstick and of course prevents bleeding. Click to read and find out how to use invisible lip liner, and the best products available. #lipliner #makeup

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