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Heated eyelash wand curler held on eye

Best Heated Eyelash Curler Round-Up

A good quality heated eyelash curler will give you a long lasting curve to your lashes that a traditional eyelash curler can’t quite replicate.

If you find your eyelash curl isn’t quite lasting the distance, read on to discover six top-rated heated eyelash curlers that will keep your lashes curled from day through to night with a beautiful curl.

Heated eyelash curler wand by Japonesque
Japonesque Create Beauty logo

The Japonesque heated eyelash curler is a mini version and can be used before or after mascara. The wand style is designed to stroke your eyelashes rather than clamp them.

15-20 seconds is all that is needed to heat the curler up. It is ideal for hard to curl lashes and to create a natural lash curl.

Leigh Ann Says has reviewed this Japonesque heated eyelash curler on YouTube and she personally found it works best in conjunction with her normal eyelash curler.

One AAA battery is needed for this one and unless you remove the battery after every use, new batteries will be needed regularly.

Mirenesse logo

A clamp-style heated eyelash curler, like this one from Mirenesse, will give you a dramatic lift compared to a wand-shaped heated eyelash curler.

Twin heated pads that act like mini curling tongs are the unique standout feature of this curler. The two pads mean you get more effective heat from the base to the tip of the lash compared to a traditional wand.

This Australian based brand has won 60+ global awards for a variety of its beauty products and this particular tool has quite the cult following in Australia.

Perfect for stick-straight stubborn lashes that don’t hold the curl, I have no doubt that this heated eyelash curler is effective when you have a secret weapon like two-headed pads to work with.

Heating up in 60 seconds, you place your lashes between the pads, tilt 45 degrees and hold for 15 seconds. Two AAA batteries are required for this heated eyelash curler.

Blinc Cosmetics logo

Blinc Cosmetics make an wand style heated eyelash curler which overall is well rated and keeps customers coming back for another after 10 years.

Nothing is better than heat to set a long lasting curl. The trick with this one is to start at the base of your lash while slightly closing your eye. Hold for ten seconds before slowly moving the wand up the rest of the eyelash.

Delivering the precise amount of heat is what makes an eyelash curler worth its weight, and Blinc’s innovative design apparently does just that.

Model Co logo

ModelCo is an Australian brand that knows a thing or two about heated eyelash curlers. It created the world’s first heated eyelash curler 16 years ago. And I’m proud to I was an early convert way back then.

Its cult ModelCo Turbo Lashwand Eyelash Curler is still going strong and has no doubt gone through multiple iterations since then.

A double heating coil is the stand-out feature of this heated eyelash wand. Wait for one minute before applying for 20-30 seconds to the lash. This wand takes one AA battery.

Chella logo

Chella’s heated eyelash wand curler is uniquely designed to be used after applying mascara. This Southern Californian company’s wand comes close to being the highest rated heated wand on Influenster possibly because it is so fast. 

20 seconds is all it takes to heat the wand up then hold the wand in place for 10 seconds on each section of the eyelash. Included is an AAA battery.

Heated eyelash curler and precision tweezer kit by Remington
Remington logo

Remington’s kit comes with a heated eyelash curler wand and tweezers with a light to illuminate all of your eyebrow hairs.

As a bonus, a generous 2-year warranty comes with this kit and the curler comes with an AAA battery.

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Best Heated Eyelash Curler Round-Up


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