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Slip silk sleep mask in silver with lashes

12 Best Sleep Masks For Stylish Travelers

Sleep masks, or eye masks, are moving up in the luxury stakes. There are now plenty of silky, and oh-so stylish options available to accessorize your airport look and induce sleep, whether you’re on a red-eye flight or in a strange hotel room.

Silk Sleep Masks

Slip logo

Slip is the must-have luxury sleep mask that is making its way into the stylish hands of celebrities, including supermodels Cindy Crawford, Molly Sims, and Jessica Hart.

Claimed to have been developed and refined over ten years, their sleep mask is made from 100% pure silk. Even the filler and internal liner is silk, and they come in a huge array of beautiful colors.

The Goodnight Co. logo

The Goodnight Co. was created by Australian mums, Shea & Danielle. They have curated a range of products, including silk pillowcases and sleep masks, to help you create your perfect sleep ritual.

The Goodnight Co. sleep masks are made with 100% mulberry silk and filled with silk floss.

There are a few reasons to buy a silk sleep mask: silk is known to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while you sleep, and its natural anti-absorbent properties reduce moisture loss and won’t absorb your skin cream.

These sleep masks are available in five beautiful colors.

Alaska Bear logo

With a whopping 10,000 reviews on Amazon, and an average of four-and-a-half stars, this Alaska Bear natural silk sleep mask is Amazon’s Choice.

At the inexpensive end for sleep masks at just $9.99, it is great value when you consider it features 100% silk on both sides. 

Alaska Bear’s mask is a much larger than most. Some reviewers say a very small amount of light seeps through around the nose, but for occasional use, this is no doubt sufficient. 

Designer Sleep Masks

Perpetual Shade Logo

Seen in Vogue, People and The Today Show, and worn by Gigi Hadid and Chrissy Teigen, Perpetual Shade claim to have the best sleep masks in the game.

Founder Sasha Hlavinka always had problems sleeping so set out to create a sleep mask that bridged the gap between luxury and comfort.

Perpetual Shade have a wide range of masks in silk, satin and cotton. They even have a range of vintage designer sleep masks handmade in New York City.

You’ll find sleep masks that are quirky, fun and filled with personality.

Morgan Lane Logo

Morgan Lane’s sleep masks are definitely a splurge. With a range of adorable designs and cute embroidered scenes to choose from, who can resist, really?!

Custom embroidery is also available with Morgan Lane if you want to go all out and create something unique and super-special.

One of the great things about Morgan Lane sleep masks is the silk-covered elastic band which is designed for extra comfort. Some people find sleep mask elastic bands hurt the top of their ears, but you won’t have that problem with these.

You can choose between luxe silk or super-soft cashmere.

Olivia Von Halle logo

Luxury British Lounge and Nightwear Brand Olivia Von Halle make oh-so-fabulous sleep masks that are a real splurge.

Made in beautiful silk fabric, the fashionable prints and embroidered details make them the ultimate airplane accessory.

Oliva Von Halle has partnered with the prestigious London embroiderers Hand & Lock so you can have bespoke traditional hand-embroidered monogramming applied to some of their eye masks.

Don’t be mistaken, these eye masks are the height of luxury and even come with their own pouch.

All Birds Sleep Mask
Allbirds Logo

The cult sustainable wool shoe brand has released the cutest Bird Mask, complete with a ‘beak’. And it is made from the same premium New Zealand Merino wool as their shoes. 

Disposable Sleep Mask

Spacemasks.com logo

Spacemasks is quite unusual in that they are single-use, self-heating, and infused with jasmine.

A pack of five sleep masks come individually sealed in foil pouches. Once open, oxygen actives the cotton mask to gently heat it up. These disposable masks stay hot for about 20 minutes, and can be used for a short period or all night long.

Little ear loops are used to hook them on. Claiming to be mood boosters, to aid relaxation, relieve eye strain and migraines, why not give them a try, even just to relieve curiosity?

Organic Sleep Mask

La Aquarelle logo

These beautiful natural and organic sleep masks, available on Etsy, are designed to fit comfortably without touching your eyelids.

You have a choice of three fabrics: organic cotton jersey, hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial organic bamboo silk for those with sensitive skin, or pure luxurious silk.

The soft pastel fabrics are hand dyed using botanicals, plant matter, and minerals, all 100% toxic and chemical free. 

To top it off, some of the La Aquarelle sleep masks come with lavender sachets which you can place under your pillow to aid in falling asleep. They sound divine!

Personalized Sleep Mask

Parker Thatch logo

Parker Thatch specialize in the cutest personalized sleep masks. 

Made with canvas and a satin lining, these masks are great for a fun gift or event rather than optimizing your sleep to the max.

Contoured Sleep Masks

Dream Essentials Logo

Dream Essentials offer everything to give you the best night’s sleep and prides itself on providing some of the most unique sleep masks in the world.

If quality sleep is more important to you than style then their Sweet Dreams sleep mask might be your answer.

The unique contoured design of this mask keeps it away from the eyes so it is completely pressure-free. It is also supremely light blocking. According to reviews every iota of light is blocked by this mask, and is lightweight and comfortable!

Bedtime Bliss logo

The contoured design of these sleep masks means that it’s much more comfortable than the traditional style masks.

It blocks out the light without putting pressure on your eyes and giving you the freedom to open your eyes. The bonus is that they come with an adjustable strap, are lightweight and washable.

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12 Best Sleep Masks For Stylish Travelers


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