We built the When I Shop Brand Finder to showcase eCommerce brands and their unique stories, and to help you find them in one convenient place.

We stand to challenge traditional product-first shopping for one that is mission-driven, informed, and intentional.

We hope that When I Shop becomes the tool that you and your friends turn to, to discover and connect with brands that better, more intentionally, align with who you are and what you stand for.

We invite you to share When I Shop’s mission with those around you. 

Suzanne Barker & Max Loddo

align with brands that support your values and your identity.

We designed the Brand Finder to help you become better informed about the brands you already support and give you the tools to find new brands that align with who you are and what you believe in.  

Here are just some of the ways that we highlight brands, their stories and celebrate how they work. Explore the Brand Finder to discover more.

We celebrate brands that are specialist manufactures using certain materials like leather or denim, or focus on manufacturing certain products like beachwear or activewear.

Brands with concentrated expertise means that they are passionate, mission-driven, and exude expert craftsmanship. 

Know and appreciate brands that construct their products in thoughtful ways. Support brands that employ talented artisans in impoverished communities, and brands that work closely with their factories to ensure they follow a robust Ethical Code of Conduct.  

Expand your horizon and find size-inclusive brands that supports and celebrates your shape – from long-legged pants, plus-size activewear, or a casual maternity wardrobe.