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MAC lipstick and lip liner combinations

9 perfect MAC lipstick and lip liner combinations

Finding the perfect lipstick and lip liner combinations is no easy feat. With so many options it can quickly get overwhelming.

I’ve found nine beautiful lipstick and lip liner combos from MAC that you can’t go wrong with.

Pink Lip Combos

Lipstick: Mehr
Lip Liner: Edge to Edge

MAC’s Mehr lipstick is a dirty blue pink. Since this lipstick has cool undertones it best suits someone with cooler skin tone. How do you know if this is you? If you normally wear silver jewelry rather than gold you are more likely to have a cool skin tone.

Edge To Edge is MAC’s midtone dirty blue pink so it is the perfect MAC pink lip combo to blend with Mehr.

Lipstick: Brave
Lip Liner: Soar

Brave is a gorgeous warm pink lipstick with a satin pearl finish. This color is designed to enhance your natural lips.

Soar lip pencil is a mid-tone pinkish-brown color. It is slightly deeper than the Brave lipstick so you can expect this lipstick and lip liner combination to accentuate your lip shape.

Neutral Lip Combos

Lipstick: Crème Cup
Lip Liner: Soar

Crème Cup is a light blue pink with neutral undertones. Like with the Mehr lipstick, Crème Cup would suit someone with bluish skin undertones.

Soar lip liner is deeper that Crème Cup lipstick so this lipstick and lip liner combination adds definition and highlights your lip shape.

You can see the beautiful and natural effect of this lip combo on blogger Emily Jackson from Ivory Lane.

Lipstick: Kinda Sexy
Lip Liner: Spice

Kinda Sexy is a stunning shade by MAC which is a neutral pinky-rose color. You could almost describe it as coral. With warm undertones and a satin finish, this color is great for those warm skin.

A great lip combo for Kinda Sexy is the Spice lip liner which has a pink cinnamon tone. Soft and dusky, you can expect this lipstick and lip liner combination to be a perfect neutral lip combo for any occasion.

Peach Lip Combo

Lipstick: Velvet Teddy
Lip Liner: Spice

Another lip combo for the Spice lip liner is Velvet Teddy lipstick which is a deep-tone beige which looks fantastic on olive and tanned skin.

If you don’t like your lip liner to stand out more than your lipstick then this lipstick and lip liner combination is a great combo as they have similar tones.

Dirty Rose Lip Combo

Lipstick: Burnt Spice
Lip Liner: Whirl

Burnt Spice comes from MAC’s matte liquid lip color range. It is a warm dirty rose color and is richly pigmented. This would suit warm skin tones.

Whirl is also a dirty rose-colored lip pencil so it is the perfect MAC lip combo to accompany Burnt Spice.

Red Lip Combos

Lipstick: Ruby Woo
Lip Liner: Ruby Woo

Ruby Woo comes from MAC’s long-wearing matte lipstick range. This is an intense red best suited to those with a bluish skin tone.

Pair this lipstick with MAC’s matching lip liner combo Ruby Woo.

A lip liner is a must for red lipstick to prevent it from feathering and bleeding. If you want to save money on a new lip liner for every lip color consider investing in an invisible lip liner .

Lipstick: Russian Red
Lip Liner: Cherry

Russian Red is another cool medium-dark red color with a satin finish. Pair this lipstick with Cherry lip liner which is a vivid and bright bluish-red.

Wondering whether to go for Ruby Woo or Russian Red lip combo? The Ruby Woo lipstick and lip liner combination both have a matte finish. If you like more moisture on your lips, Russian red is a better option because it has a creamier consistency. 

Berry Lip Combos

Lipstick: Brick-O-La
Lip Liner: Spice

Berry lip color is a great option for olive and dark skin. This mid-tone berry lipstick called Brick-O-La looks stunning on makeup artist Federica Trinchera (left).

From MAC’s Amplified range, you can expect an ultra-creamy consistency, full coverage, and a satin finish.

Spice lip liner is a great combination with Brick-O-La lipstick to provide subtle lip definition.

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9 perfect MAC lipstick and lip liner combinations


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