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3 Designer Headband Brands to Know This Fall

The designer headband with the hefty price tag has been one of this year’s hottest fashion trends. And it shows no sign of abating. 

Admittedly I sniggered at this headgear trend revival. I was an 80’s child and the memory is still raw. So imagine my surprise to find some fall headband styles that I am quietly coveting.

Designer headband collections are being released now for this coming fall. Is it officially time to invest in one? Hmm, just maybe.  


Hammered Silk Lorelei Headband - $298

Worn by fashion influencer @leoniehanne, this designer headband by Jennifer Behr is called ‘The Lorelei’. It is known for an incredibly comfortable fit, which by the way is easily forgotten but super important.

Made by hand in New York City using silk fabric from Italy, this particular designer headband is available in beautiful fall colors cream, golden or olive.


Posted by @madamederosa on Instagram.

Ángela Rozas Saiz on Instagram: “San Pietro”


Posted by @zoe_normalchic on Instagram.

Fashion + Travel + Lifestyle on Instagram: “Zoe’s styling tips: Never forget your accessories! ❤️ @alexandredeparis_official headband! ✨Made in…”


Alex Sopp on Instagram: “Could NOT get the Creative Juices flowing today. So I made an Actual Juice and then I creatively dressed up to match Said Actual Juice.…”


JENNIFER BEHR on Instagram: “This weekend’s uniform includes beach waves & Lorelei Headbands ✌️”


Velvet Pearl Padded Headband - $185

Lele Sadoughi makes the designer headband dotted with pearls that everyone seems to have been wearing lately. 

Just check out the hashtag #leleheadbands on Instagram for some style inspo, and you’ll understand what I mean!


Posted by @toryewilliams on Instagram.

T O R Y W I L L I A M S on Instagram: “Resting bride face”


Posted by @taylermalott on Instagram.

Tayler (Malott) Gilbert on Instagram: “Back home in Houston and still dreaming about our amazing week at the beach ☀️ Monday scaries are a real thing after vacation, right?!? 🙈…”


Lindsey Evans Studio on Instagram: “A wise man once said “Break records at Louis, ate breakfast at Gucci" and all I could think was “same” – Kanye West 💎💎💎”


Posted by @lele_sadoughi on Instagram.

Lele Sadoughi on Instagram: “Give us all the colors 🌈 @blaireadiebee in the dove grey pearl headband #ladiesoflele #leleheadbands”


Beatrice Bow Headband - $132

Benoit Missolin has some drop-dead gorgeous designer headbands that have me drooling.

Handcrafted in France using silk and velvet for the fall collection, you can find subtle low knotted headbands as well as the large bow which has me dying for one.


Posted by @emilyschuman on Instagram.

Emily Schuman on Instagram: “I’ve been a morning person my entire life (on weekends as a kid, my friends’ parents had to politely request I stop calling before 7am 😬),…”


Posted by @ihavethisthingfor on Instagram.

Instagram post by Jessica Garland-Blake • Mar 27, 2019 at 8:32pm UTC


Posted by @georgiana_boboc on Instagram.

STYLE TRAVELLER | FUN FASHION on Instagram: “No need to wear much make up when you have the coolest accessories to glam you up ☺️💚…”


Posted by @dressedupcasual on Instagram.

Gloria Tokatly on Instagram: “Flowers make me happy! 💐 What a beautiful day London!…”

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3 Designer Headband Brands to Know This Fall


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